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Double tower sulfuric acid recycling machine

Using the method of draining the oxidation bath to reduce aluminum ions will make the operating conditions fluctuate widely, the quality fluctuates greatly, and the on-site operation management of the workshop will be more complicated.

Specifications and main parameters

Number of towers

Twin Towers


380V / 50Hz three phase

Pump (2 sets)

Inlet pump

Activated carbon tower


Resin tower (2 sets)

450L fiberglass


Pneumatic operated valve

Control form

Fully automatic (touch screen PLC control)

External size



Acid resistant float type, precise calculation

water consumption


Applicable output

4000-4500Below tons

Aluminum ion control range



Vertical line




Advantages of efficient aluminum ion recycling machine
1. Stable low aluminum ions make workshop management easier.
2. Improve and reduce air pollution and stabilize sewage discharge standards.
3, the concentration of sulfuric acid in the bath can be lower.
4. Reduce ice machine load and save energy.
5. Aluminum has good metal luster; good texture; improves the quality of oxide film and makes the coloring process more stable.
6. Reduce the load of electrophoresis equipment and make the electrophoresis process more stable.
Disadvantages of high aluminum ion in oxidation tank
1. Power Consumption: Aluminum ions are resistance in the tank liquid; in addition to the high aluminum ions, in addition to reducing the film speed and extending the film coating time; the high temperature of the tank will cause the temperature of the tank liquid to rise during work, and higher air pollution; The frequent startup and cooling of a 100,000-calorie ice machine is the main cause of wasted electricity.
2. High aluminum ions make the surface of aluminum material hazy, reduce the metal luster, and reduce the texture
3. High aluminum ions make the aluminum oxide film structure loose; larger or even broken (observed by 1.2 million times field emission electron microscope) easily cause uneven coloring, obvious color difference, and poor acid and alkali resistance.
4. High aluminum ions must use a higher sulfuric acid concentration to increase the coating speed; but increasing the sulfuric acid concentration will make the structure of the oxide film worse and looser; air pollution is more serious; more acid and aluminum ions are brought to the electrophoresis line , Hot water tank and refined work will be more.
5. The reduction of aluminum ions by using the method of discharging the oxidation bath liquid will make the operating conditions fluctuate widely, the quality fluctuates greatly, and the on-site operation management of the workshop will be more complicated.
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