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Guangzhou Youda Coating Co., Ltd. is a modern Taiwan-funded enterprise specializing in the production, development, and sales of electrophoretic paint and electrophoretic equipment.
Guangzhou Youda Coating Co., Ltd. is a modern Taiwan-funded enterprise specializing in the production, development, and sales of electrophoretic paint and electrophoretic equipment. Professionalism, dedication, and precision are the service concepts that UDA has long adhered to. At present, the company's output exceeds 6,000 tons / year. The market share is at the forefront of the industry.
  Set Taiwan's nearly 40 years of experience in the production and equipment manufacturing of aluminum surface oxidation and electrophoresis, and high-quality raw materials from international manufacturers. Youda attaches more importance to product development and technological innovation. Professionally committed to the research and development of environmentally-friendly and economically efficient products and equipment is a strong guarantee for UDA's long-term leadership in the electrophoretic paint industry. Uda's electrophoresis products have entered the era of net taste earlier than their counterparts. High-quality raw materials from the world's largest CYTECH amine-based manufacturer guarantee that our electrophoretic products have the characteristics of no foul odor, low consumption of aluminum, stable performance, and no formaldehyde. The products of electrophoresis equipment produced by UDA include: purification tower, activated carbon tower, sulfuric acid recovery machine, electrophoresis recovery machine, etc. With low power consumption, easy operation, long equipment life, easy maintenance and other performance.
  The company fully adopts ISO9001 quality management system. Strict testing of various raw materials and products, more than twenty testing procedures, using chromatographic solvent detector imported from the United States, pH meter and conductivity meter imported from Taiwan. Advanced testing equipment and testing indicators that meet international standards are a powerful guarantee for the company's products.
Youda people are skilled personnel with new technology and strong on-site operation ability who have gradually grown from the actual production experience of aluminum materials in Taiwan and mainland China. The company insists on regular training of employees to adapt to changes in production and market, so as to better serve the enterprise. In the spirit of sincerity, pragmatism, professionalism, professionalism and dedication, Youda people create more economical, environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment and products for consumers.
  Youda people take a serious and responsible attitude to our customers. We provide partners with free pre-treatment liquid testing, so that our customers can ensure that each batch of products issued can meet national performance standards, which greatly reduces Production risk, to achieve a new situation of cooperation, mutual assistance and win-win situation.
A corner of the customer's production workshop: a closed paint booth, clean and tidy is the basic element of workshop production
A corner of the customer's production workshop: a good hanger is the basis for product stability, and the completed workpiece is preparing to enter the curing furnace.
Select a customer one: Use the same spraying environment and the same paint to compare the difference of the pre-treatment liquid
Paint film breaks during impact test
Guangzhou Youda Jingcai Inspection Report: Among them, problems have been detected in dry adhesion, impact, wet adhesion, Machu test, etc. We help customers to discover and solve problems together to avoid economic loss when problems occur in the product- --Preventive measures
Selected customer two: Performs well in the 100-box test
Impact test: In the forward and backlash, no cracking of the paint film was found, and the performance was good
The test report given by Youda: a pretreatment liquid that is not bad in terms of overall performance
Outstanding performance of Yuda water-based spray paint in South China Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center


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