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Guangzhou Youda Coating Introduces High-Smoothness Anode Electrophoretic Paint

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Guangzhou Youda Coatings Co., Ltd. has newly introduced a high-smoothness anode electrophoretic paint. After the electrophoretic paint is formed into a film, its smoothness, transparency, and anti-friction are much higher than those available on the market.

Electrophoretic paint, also called electrophoretic paint, many people still use the term "electrophoretic paint" instead of "electrophoretic paint". Electrophoretic paint has been continuously updated, from anodic electrophoretic paint to cathodic electrophoretic paint, and from single-component electrophoretic paint to two-component electrophoretic paint. The development of electrophoretic paint has also promoted the development of electrophoretic coating.


With the change of the times, the rapid development of the domestic electrophoretic industry, the domestic electrophoretic coating has also reached a certain bottleneck period, and it can even be said that it has entered a sluggish shrinking period. Because of the rapid development of the electrophoresis industry, more and more people are engaged in the production and sales of electrophoretic paint, and competition is becoming more and more exciting, resulting in uneven product quality.
According to feedback from customers in the current market, the following electrophoretic paints currently have the following problems:
1. The electrophoretic paint has poor penetration and high consumption.
2. The overall gloss of the electrophoretic paint is not high.
3. The hardness of the electrophoretic paint is not up to standard.
4. The anti-scratch ability is poor after the electrophoretic paint is formed into a film.
Our company also improved the research and development on the basis of the original anode electrophoretic paint ED-6 according to the market feedback of poor feel and poor anti-friction. Newly launched a high-smooth anode electrophoretic paint ED-6P, compared with the original electrophoretic paint ED-6, not only has its original good water solubility, high solid content and other characteristics. At the same time after electrophoretic film formation, the surface of the paint film has better feel, higher smoothness, and better friction resistance. In the current fierce competition environment of the electrophoresis industry, our company has greatly increased the market competitiveness for customers without increasing the existing costs of customers as much as possible..


Figure 1: On-site production of smooth and smooth electrophoretic paint


Figure 2: On-site production model of high-smooth electrophoretic paint customer


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