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Energy-saving and energy-saving method for large-scale aluminum plant ---- aluminum ion recovery machine (sulfuric acid recovery machine)

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In recent years, the state has been vigorously controlling the industries with high energy consumption and high pollution. The same high energy consumption aluminum industry is also facing a downturn in real estate. The aluminum industry has high competition pressure and increased costs.
In recent years, the state has been vigorously controlling the industries with high energy consumption and high pollution. The same high energy consumption aluminum industry is also facing a downturn in real estate. The aluminum industry has high competition pressure and increased costs. Air pollution and sewage discharge must comply with increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations, and energy consumption must be reduced. Even the production of many aluminum materials is concentrated by the taxation of electricity consumption, while meeting the requirements of taxation and energy saving.
虽然 Although surface treatment by oxidation in aluminum surface treatment has superior weather resistance, it is also the most time-consuming and energy-consuming. How to improve production efficiency, while saving energy and reducing emissions and improving product quality has become crucial. Therefore, according to my personal humble opinion, the main factors affecting the oxidation efficiency and quality are proposed:
1.Efficiency of the conductive system: from the silicon machine through the bus to the conductive copper seat and then through the conductive beam conductive rod to the work, which has passed through many contacts, and according to previous experience, most of the contacts of the production line have heat, which is too The phenomenon that electricity is not good enough to convert electricity into heat, that is, the value of K is low. Everyone in this industry knows that in a solid (copper, aluminum) state, the higher the temperature, the lower the conductivity. Therefore, increasing the K value can improve the production efficiency, and also can properly improve the quality of the oxide film. It's as if the car's fuel is completely burned, fuel economy, horsepower is sufficient, and engine life is increased for a reason.
2. Good function cathode plate: A good cathode plate can also play a key role in the oxidation efficiency. If it is not replaced for a long time, poor circulation will generate local high temperature. High aluminum ion will also generate high temperature when it is energized, and it will also be difficult to observe. Fine surface melting, high sulfuric acid content also accelerates plate corrosion and aging.
3. Circulation system: A good circulation system can quickly remove the high heat generated by the electrode plate in the current, and fully stir the whole tank bath temperature uniformly. In the liquid state, the higher the temperature, the better the electrical conductivity will cause local unevenness of the film thickness of the whole workpiece.
4.Maintain a stable low concentration of aluminum ions in the bath.The low aluminum ions can use the resistance to buffer, avoid the phenomenon of burning when the instantaneous current is too large, and also maintain the appropriate size of the film pore size, making the coloring easy and uniform, and the oxide film. The structure is more solid, resistant to acid and water, better weather resistance, and better metallic luster. In addition, a large amount of resistance thermal energy generated due to excessively high aluminum ions is reduced, so that the ice machine is continuously started to cool down, thereby reducing the waste of electrical energy and improving the efficiency of the oxide film formation. Excessive aluminum ions, in addition to waste of electrical and mechanical costs, also have a loose oxide film structure without metal luster.The groove surface generates a lot of acid gas due to high temperature, which deteriorates the working environment and reduces production efficiency. Please note: the oxide film is a side The formation also dissolves at the same time, the faster the formation, the slower the dissolution, and the slower the formation, the faster the dissolution. When the production efficiency becomes worse, alumina is constantly produced, which causes the vicious negative cycle to accelerate the production of dissolved aluminum ions on the oxide film. At the same time, the content of alumina in the wastewater is increased, which increases the cost of wastewater treatment..
5.Appropriate sulfuric acid content: sulfuric acid acts as a conductive agent in the oxidation tank.High sulfuric acid content will improve the conductivity, but its content should be adjusted in proportion to the aluminum ion content, otherwise excessively high sulfuric acid will accelerate corrosion. The plate, oxide film structure is loose due to excessive current and other non-gloss reactions. The acid on the groove surface is also aggravated, which makes the working environment worse.
Through regular equipment maintenance to improve the efficiency of the conductive system and reduce the content of aluminum ions in the bath, you can significantly improve the product's high-quality efficiency and reduce power consumption.
However, most of the practitioners of aluminum oxide surface treatment have heard and used the so-called aluminum ion recovery machine, but most people have poor experience, because the currently available aluminum ion recovery machines usually have 1. Too high, in addition to increasing costs, it also causes a great burden on wastewater. 2. The effect of reducing aluminum ions is not obvious. Therefore, after being used for several months, it should be left idle or discarded.
Our company (Guangzhou Youda Coating Co., Ltd.) has been producing aluminum ion recovery machines since 2007. It has been verified and approved by domestic major factories for many years, and it can effectively process 2000-4500 tons / month output. Aluminum ion is stable at 8-10mg / L, and the amount of acid discharged can be controlled below 3%. Perennial experience has shown that the use of a high-performance aluminum ion recovery machine can reduce the average energy of 30-80 degrees / ton. It can also improve the production efficiency and product metal luster, reduce the acid on the groove surface and improve the working environment.
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