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Guangzhou Youda Coating Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Youda) is a modern Taiwan-funded enterprise specializing in the production, research and development and sales of energy-saving and environment-friendly oxidation-free color electrophoretic paint, water-based crystal electrophoretic paint, electrophoretic varnish and electrophoretic equipment.  Professionalism, dedication and diligence are the service concepts that Youda Company has always upholds.
The company, established in 2007, is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province where there are a collection of aluminum profiles and chemical industry. The company has a complete sales, after-sales and technical team, which can provide timely production solutions for customers.  After more than ten years of development, the market share is in the forefront of the industry.
The company integrates the surface treatment of oxidation electrophoresis and equipment manufacturing experience in Taiwan in recent decades, and high-quality raw materials of international first-line brands as the premise of our service to customers. Continuous product research and development and technological innovation are the foundation of our service to customers. Specializing in the research and development of products and equipment with environmental protection and economic efficiency is a strong guarantee for Youda to lead the electrophoretic paint industry for a long time. Youda's oxidation-free color electrophoresis products entered the era of low energy consumption and low pollution earlier than those in the same industry, eliminating high energy consumption and high pollution processes such as traditional oxidation, dyeing and hole sealing, and almost realize zero waste water discharge in the whole production process. Therefore, the product not only features easy operation, improved production efficiency, reduced production cost and improved product quality, but also greatly reduces the use and discharge of electric energy consumed in enterprise production (about 800 kilowatt hours per ton of aluminum) and source water of life in accordance with current national environmental protection policies (about 20 tons of water per ton of aluminum can be saved, with almost zero emissions)
In addition, the environment-friendly weather-resistant water-based spray coating (crystal electrophoretic paint) is the first water-based coating in the industry that is free of sandblasting, polishing and has BMW effect. The water-based three-coat antique copper wire drawing series has the characteristics of easy operation, low coating cost, weather resistance, outdoor fastness, etc. The electrophoresis equipment series products produced by Youda include: refining tower, activated carbon tower, sulfuric acid recovery machine, electrophoresis recovery machine, etc., which have the characteristics of low power consumption, easy operation, a long service life and convenient maintenance, etc.
The company has fully complied with ISO9001 quality management system to strictly test various raw materials and products. More than 20 testing procedures are carried out by the chromatographic solvent detector imported from the United States and PH meter and conductivity meter imported from Taiwan. Advanced testing equipment and testing indexes in line with international standards are powerful guarantees for the company's products.
Youda staff is highly capable talents equipped with new technology and strong on-site operation ability who has gradually grown up from the actual production experience of aluminum products in Taiwan and mainland China. The company insists on training its employees regularly to adapt to changes in production and market, so as to serve the enterprise. In the spirit of sincerity, pragmatism, professionalism, dedication and diligence, Youda staff has created more economical, environment-friendly and energy-saving equipment and products for consumers.


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